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Dark Cabin Studios - Kemper Profile Pack - 14 profiles

$15 USD

Ever wanted my guitar tone at your finger tips? I spent hours creating the best sounding genre-specific Kemper profiles that I could using amplifiers from my studio. Every one of these profiles were captured from the exact amplifiers that I use on all of my songs on youtube. I even tested them by swapping between the Kemper and my real amps and no one was able to tell the difference! These are perfect for studio and live use.

Includes: 14 mix-ready profiles, tailored to perfection and good for any type of metal you can imagine. 11 distorted, 1 crunch and 2 clean profiles.

Requires: Kemper Profiler

Amps profiled: Mark V, Revv G20

Kemper Profiles

Untitled design (16).png

Sound Examples

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