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Ghostwriting // Professional Songwriting Services

Want a custom track of your own? As a freelance songwriter, I create professional quality custom songs, copyright-owned by you.


Choose any style in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, including:

  • Metalcore

  • Deathcore

  • Progressive Metal

  • Djent

  • Nu metal

  • Thrash

  • etc.


Aside from those genres, I can also write, produce, and record:

  • Ambient Music

  • Orchestral Scores

  • Beats for Rap and Hip-Hop artists

  • Indie Music

  • Punk Rock

  • Pop-Punk

  • Hardcore

  • etc.

I ghostwrite Rock, Metal, Electronic/EDM, Rap/Hip-Hop, Indie, and Pop Instrumentals & Beats...

  • For Singers – Record your vocals on it, no band needed

  • For Ads – Copyright & Royalty-Free Audio

  • For YouTube Videos – Intro Themes or Background Music

  • For TV Shows, Movies, & Animated Series – Theme Songs, Scoring, & Soundtracks


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